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taliban insurgency. the united states walked away from the tight of the taliban in the next country or in afghanistan it could create a vacuum and create a big problem. the president knows it. the president has to say that to the country so people get it. chris: andrea, he said before, rather george w. before, president for eight years, said if we don't fight them there 'll fight them here but now we have the nuclear thing on top of al qaeda. >> it's the domino theory. it's an argument the president has been making and he has to make it an issue of national security for the united states. he has to explain what's at stake and it can't be nation building in afghanistan. no one thinks that's possible. he has to say this is critical for saving us from terrorism at home. chris: the problem is we've had eight years of a republican president saying that very argument, fight them there or fight them here, has that gotten too old and are the american people ready to push him back on that? >> you'll hear him sort of lowering the stakes, saying it's not about saving afghanistan and it's not a
's the candidate running for president. >> he's a candidate running for president. of the united states of america. no. hillary is running for president. obama -- hope you have a wonderful day. chris: i love the fact that he sa have a wonderful day. but in the meantime he had written the word "crazy" next to that person's name. anyway, that hbo film is this tuesday at 9:00. and when we come back, exactly a year since president obama won the white house, that genius camign, that victory over hillary and bill and then the historic first election of an african-america does this white house have the compass that campaign had? plus scoops and predictions from the notebooks of these top reporters. we'll be right back. chris: welcome back. it's the first anniversary of barack obama's historic win. the campaign ran for nearly two years from the announcement on that frigid day in springfield, illinois, on lincoln's birthday, 2007, all the way to that warm night in grant park victory. in november, 2008. obama beat the bill and hillary clinton machine. he held on to the long primary season itself and then ma
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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